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Superior step-through hybrid E bike

The Superior Step-through bike is a top of the range electric bycicle that will have you riding up and down the South Hams hill easily and in comfort.

We do have a small fleet of E bikes so please get in contact to confirm availabiltiy before making the order, either by phone 07877526297 or email

  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Comfort saddle
  • Shimano 418 Wh battery - enabling pedal assist
  • Range of between 50 -100km on a full charge
  • Specification

    The Superior is a hybrid electric bike that is fully equipped for active riding.

    We have the following frames sizes to fit certain heights.

    Frame size (cm) Height 
    46 5ft - 5ft 8
    51 5ft 5 - 5ft 11
    56 5ft 10 - 6ft 6


    The aluminium alloy frame offers a comfortable upright riding position that offers great visibility on city streets alongside nimble handling. Hydraulic disc brakes give you powerful all-weather stopping control while the Shimano 1x9 speed drivetrain gives you a wide range of gears for efficient riding.

    Cycling is much easier on the eSpresso thanks to the Shimano 6000 series electric motor and 418Wh battery pack which boosts your natural pedalling power. There are three power modes, along with a walk assist button, so you can adjust the power output so you can manage the battery capacity to last the whole ride. The handlebar mounted display unit allows you to monitor the battery and select the power modes on the fly.

    The eSpresso is equipped with mudguards to keep the spray down on wet roads and a rack to carry your luggage. The kick stand makes parking easier and there is even an integrated lock. Front and rear lights are integrated into the design so you will always be ready for night-time cycling. 

    Cycle further with less effort on the Merida eSpresso 600 ebike.

  • Delivery & Collection

    We are a bike store open all year round based on Gould Rd, Salcombe. We offer two option as follows.

    1. Pick up from our store on Gould Rd, Salcombe.

    2. We will deliver to your door for a small charge to cover fuel at a time and date agreed at least 24 hours in advance.

    Please note that there is a small charge for delivery to cover fuel costs etc. 

  • Whats Included

    All rentals include a 

    • Helmet
    • Lock 
    • Panier bag
    • Tool kit
  • Rental Price

    Please contact us on 07877 526297 or email first before making an order.

    The rental price of the Superior Hybrid Step Through E Bike is as follows:

    DAYS PRICE (£)
    1 50
    2 90
    3 130
    4 170
    5 200
    6 225
    7 250

    For more than 7 days we can provide a quote

  • Terms & Conditions

    Hire Bikes – Terms and Conditions

    To ensure you know exactly what our and your responsibilities are, please read the following terms and conditions.

    Cycle hire is operated on a first come, first served basis. We accept payment by credit or debit card and cash. Payment is due at the time of booking the bicycle(s).

    We require deposits for the following bikes:

    Road Bikes £200 Pre-authorisation of credit/debit card up to 10 days hire. Full amount required in full for hires longer than 10 days.
    Electric Bikes £500

    Pre-authorisation of credit/debit card up to 10 days hire. Full amount required in full for hires longer than 10 days.

    We reserve the right to request the bicycle(s) be returned by its due date. Failure to do so may result in your full deposit being withheld.

    Bicycles must be returned during our opening hours on the day they are due or an additional day will be charged for each day’s late return.

    Bicycle(s) must be returned to store of hire during respective opening times. Please ask us for details of these.

    You confirm that you will be responsible for the payment of any damage (including third party) caused as a consequence of:

    Any dangerous cycling
    Loss of control or negligence
    Misuse of bicycle

    We will charge for any loss or damage, including punctures or service requirements as follows, this list is not exhaustive:

    Lost Key £10
    Lost Lock £25
    Lost Helmet £25
    Bike Clean £25 - this would be for excessively dirty bicycles/ Our bicycles aren’t meant for off road use.

    Lost/stolen Bicycles will be charged at the following capped amounts;

    Standard Road Bike  £700
    Electric Bike £1500 

    Helmets are not compulsory on Britain’s roads however; we supply these at no extra cost to your hire and recommend you wear them. We cannot be held responsible for any damage or injuries incurred as a result of customers not wearing a helmet. Cyclists are expected to follow the Highway Code and any other cycling code applicable.

    You undertake to cycle carefully and sensibly at all times and not undertake any manoeuvres which are beyond your level of skill or beyond the design purposes of the bicycle provided.

    We reserve the right not provide a bicycle for whatever reason in the interests of safety.

    You are responsible for the care and safekeeping of the bicycle and any accessories provided with it which remains the property of Letsgovelo at all times. You are responsible for ensuring that the bicycle is securely locked to an immovable object when left unattended.

    You agree to indemnify us for any loss or damage arising from any act or default on your part, and against claims of injury to any third party or yourself.

    By hiring a bicycle from Letsgovelo you are acknowledging that you have read our terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.

    We have 7 day cancellation policy. Cancellations with more than 7 days notice will be entitled to a full refund. Less than 7 days notice we reserve the right to charge 100% of the hire fee.

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